BLACK MATH HORSEMAN - Wyllt - zpět na článek

Klypso Klypso | 19.4.2010 21:46

jj, podobny problem teraz postihol viacere kapely

frody frody | evropský turné zrušeno / důvod - sopka | 19.4.2010 21:44

It is with much sadness that we have had to cancel our European Tour due to the Volcanic Ash Apocalypse that is currently suffocating the European Airline Industry. We tried everything in our power to cross the seas but it looks as though the Midgard Serpent had other plans for us. We do plan on rescheduling a European tour at some point in the future, and we're very sorry to all our fans who planned to come out and see us.

scrof | 19.4.2010 20:46

je to vcelku fajn myslim ze sa v nedelu dostavim:)

Sabotteur Sabotteur | 19.4.2010 16:25

'padlý gotický anděl' :D

frody frody | 25/4 v Brně | 19.4.2010 09:29

moc pěkná recenze. jen dodám, že Black Math Horseman hrají 25/4 v Brně, klub Melodka.

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