Vokalista Emperor Magus Caligula komentoval pro časopis Close-Up loňskou vraždu chilského kněze fanouškem DARK FUNERAL  takto:
„I burnt him with a Cohiba, a very fine cigar. That night is a bit of a blur, because I was wasted on Pisco, Chilean cognac. Anyway, this guy came up to me and asked me to burn a cross on his arm. I'm not one to say no, so I puffed on the cigar to get it hot enough and he got his cross. I didn't press the cigar against his skin several times, instead I dragged it like a soldering-iron up and down his arm. He didn't seem to be feeling any pain. He was ecstatic that he was able to meet us. Afterwards we had our picture taken together and I thought he was a cool guy.“

"Before we found out the name of the killer, I though it was another fan," dodal  Lord Ahriman. "A guy in Santiago [the capital of Chile] just stood there crying when he met me. He knew everything about DARK FUNERAL. It was creepy. He'd bought the same guitar as the one I have, a BC Rich Warlock, and he had desecrated graves to honor us. He said, 'My Lord, give me an order and I will execute it.'"

"People ask us if our music caused the murder. I don't think so," pokračoval  Emperor Magus Caligula. "Sure, we sing about killing Christians and blood and feathers falling from angels are present in a lot of the lyrics. Maybe the music triggered him somehow, but he probably would have harmed someone even if he hadn't been listening to [DARK FUNERAL]. He was not well. But I have to say that I'm…er, SOMEWHAT impressed. He deserves some credit. You’re not supposed to say that, but I don't care."


Zveřejněno: Sobota, 15. října 2005

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