ATRAVAN - The Grey Line - zpět na článek

Noisy Noisy | 7.3.2021 19:04

patras: black z Íránu? No na to se teda podívám.

Noisy Noisy | 7.3.2021 19:02

Yes, there is a perfect mood and emotion in their music. It's the main element that makes this exceptional work.

Jaco | to Noisy | 7.3.2021 16:52

i am from norway
i didn't know any other band from that country too
loved the vibe of the band

patras patras | 7.3.2021 14:06

Noisy: Z Íránu miniálně ještě blackový one man band Akvan


Noisy Noisy | Hi Jaco | 6.3.2021 17:32

Where are you from?
This album really surprised me too, I don't know any other rock or metal band from Iran but this band is excellent.

Jaco | The Best Album of 2012 for Sure | 6.3.2021 16:45

I don't think we will have a better and FRESH album as this in 2021
Really surprised that they are fron Iran!