Spevák DREAM THEATER spustil prácu na nástupcovi "Static Impulse" (recenzia).


"[LaBrie"s longtime songwriting partner and keyboardist] Matt Guillory and I are very happy to announce that writing for my next solo album has started.

"We"re very pleased with how well [LaBrie"s last solo CD] "Static Impulse" was received and are excited to be making a follow-up.

"You can expect all the usual suspects: (Marco Sfogli, Peter Wildoer, Ray Riendeau) In addition to this, we"d also like to announce that Peter Wichers (SOILWORK) is onboard as a co-songwriter. Peter loved "Static Impulse" and looks forward to making a kick-ass record with us. He is extremely talented and we"re stoked to have him!"


Zveřejněno: Středa, 4. ledna 2012

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