Američania POSSESSED sa dali znova dohromady. Toto je ich aktuálna zostava:

* Jeff Becerra - Vocals
* Emilio Marquez (SADISTIC INTENT) - Drums
* Tony Campos (STATIC-X, PRONG, ASESINO) - Bass
* Kelly Mclauchlin (DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST, PESSIMIST) - Guitar
* Daniel Gonzalez (NAILSHITTER, OCCISAS) - Guitar


Becerra: "I am quite happy with this new lineup and truly respect every member in the band now. It just makes everything so much easier and worth while whenever everyone is as into the music as I am. Also the professionalism and dedication is unwavering. These guys came in with guns blazing and knew the songs so well that even the first time around they were playing them almost perfectly.

"Kelly is great guy. Easily one of the coolest musicians that I have ever met. Daniel is also just a nice guy all the way around, but such a mean player at the same time. And, of course, Tony is an amazing bass player and technically perfect.

"It was incredible for me to see and hear my songs played the right way for the first time in over 20 years. I just couldn't ignore the many fans that were writing, calling, and telling me in person, respectfully, that POSSESSED didn't sound right tuned down. Also I was able to sit with these guys and go through every single part of the songs and work them out technically so that they once again sounded great.

"I want POSSESSED to be like the old days which, while very fun, were also very serious in our presentation and meticulous and fully dedicated to the music and playing well as a whole.

"Finally, for the first time since the '80s, I have found a group that are able to not only play well but also have the brotherhood and respect for one another that just makes it so much better.

"I just can't help but feel that this lineup was meant to be... and no matter what happens in the future good or bad, I am honored that I have the chance to play music with these guys and am hoping for the best.

"These guys, like me, are down for the work and the music and have a work ethic that is beyond reproach."


Zveřejněno: Středa, 16. února 2011

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